Already Whole Weekend Event

Already Whole is an approach to growth with the Enneagram from the radical assumption that we are already whole, not needing to be fixed or changed, not deficient or flawed. 

This weekend event is a perspective shifting event that includes teaching, group work and embodiment exercises. Taking your Enneagram knowledge deeper and making room for liberation.

There are six module we will cover:

The Cage (where we find ourselves stuck in our type)

The Awakening (how we become awake to ourselves)

The Fear (how to see fear as a friend rather than foe)

The Work (what our work is practically)

The Integration (how do leave this event with more than just information)

The Freedom (somatic practices that unlock freedom from our type)

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The event will take place over zoom from 11am - 5pm EST Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

The cost is sliding scale:
$400 per person Tier 1
$300 per person Tier 2
$200 per person Tier 3
(Click here to explore what tier you would find yourself on)

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