Not your average Enneagram challenge...

This previously recorded, LIVE challenge is PACKED full of teaching on the Enneagram, presented in an unconventional format. 

Teacher and coach, Vanessa Fernandez approaches the VAST body of Enneagram information and curates the EXACT parts that are USEFUL and important for life transformation. 

Check out a sample of some of the modules you'll find in this challenge:

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In this challenge you will learn


Day 0 - Typing Exercise

A deeper and more comprehensive version of our most popular typing exercise. This will help you find or confirm your type. 

Day 1 - I Know my Type, Now What?

This class provides an overview of the three aspects of the Enneagram that are most helpful to understand in order to GROW. Included with this class is a downloadable worksheet for you to use throughout the challenge.  

Day 2 - How Stance is Helpful

Teaching on what "stance" means in the Enneagram, and how it is helpful. There will be some "homework" as you fill out your worksheets, and a bonus video on how people with different stances interact together and things you can be aware of.  

Day 3 - How Triads are Helpful

What do "triads" mean in the Enneagram and how is it helpful? Once again, you will have some light homework as you continue to work through the worksheets. Also included, a bonus teaching on the anchor points of each triad, 3,6,9.

Day 4 - Healing Message of Each Type

In this class we will explore how the healing message of each type can be applied and used in healing and growth.  

Day 5 - Putting it all Together

Wrapping things up with a teaching on how we can put what we know about our type, stance, triad and healing message to create a map that leads us to healing in our relationship to ourselves and others. 


A quick guide on how you can take THREE small bits of information and fine IMMEDIATE application for growth in your life TODAY. 

*Access to OFFICE HOURS* An exclusive monthly chat with Vanessa. You can ask any clarifying questions or get insight on your own life situations and how your Enneagram type might be affecting it. 


What others had to say:

"Have you written a book?
If not, I really wish you would.
I know you said you prefer to video teach and you are SO AMAZING and GIFTED at it. But just wish I had a book I could keep to continue to refer back to it."
- L. Townsend

What others had to say:

"I cannot tell you how much this challenge has meant to me so far. I was typed on the RHETI type indicator. That was information, but you are teaching and showing me HOW TO USE IT. If I told you that it has made me cry, you would know I am a 7! I now understand the why of what I have been doing. Thank you so much for making this possible."
K. Depp

Know the difference

There's Enneagram INFORMATION and then there's Enneagram WISDOM. 

WISDOM is information APPLIED.
WISDOM is information that is FUNCTIONAL.
There is a difference. 

This 5 Day Enneagram Challenge, with over eight HOURS of engaging teaching takes Enneagram information and turns it into WISDOM. 

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