Relationships and the Enneagram


In this fresh approach to how the Enneagram can improve and impact our relationships, Vanessa Fernandez teaches through her coaching program for couples in five dynamic modules. 

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In this challenge you will learn

 Day 1 - Understanding ME

In this class we explore each type, understanding what is important to them, what each type prioritizes, where their attention goes, what they fear and how they embody their triad's primary emotion. This is where we set the stage and get our bearings on each type. Knowing the starting point is vitally important as we continue through this process. 

Day 2 - Understanding RELATIONSHIPS

In this class we are braking down what a relationship actually is, and how different types will approach relationships differently and want different things from them.

Day 3 - Understanding WANTS, NEEDS, MOTIVATIONS

In this class we will consider three foundational premises to guide us as we look at why we find friction in our relationships and we will begin to dig a little deeper into the wants, needs and motivations of each type and how they express themselves in our relationships. 

Day 4 - Understanding US

This class is where we start to put it all together. Taking what we know about each type and examining various combinations of types to better understand where our individual needs, wants and motivations intersect with those we live and work with. 

Day 5 - R-DTR (Re-defining the relationship)

Finally we end with some tools we can use when we are trying to understand whether we should STAY in a relationship, LEAVE a relationship or REDEFINE ourselves and our relationships. 

Bonus Content

- 17 pages of worksheets

- Audio only files to listen on the go

- Bonus teaching on boundaries for each Enneagram type

- *Access to OFFICE HOURS* a monthly LIVE zoom chat with Vanessa to ask any questions or get insight on how Enneagram can improve your relationships!


Shari P.

I am definitely feeling more like myself after doing this workshop with you.

I’m not the easiest person to reach but you have a way of communicating that is awesome.

Also the wording you use is so clarifying.

Sandi L.

I have felt so empowered just by this five days... It's INCREDIBLE. Thank you ever so much.

Lindsay P.

This Challenge was SO SO good! So many aha moments that will transform my relationships for the rest of my life. 

Transformation takes Courage


Redefining relationships, both with others and with ourselves takes COURAGE. I know it's not always easy to navigate thoughts and feelings when it comes to relationships.

My heart in this challenge is to take you through my method for coaching couples that pulls back from the "pain points" that we all feel and want to focus on (ie. fights, etc.) and instead walks us through relationships from the root up, issues of identity, motivations, faith/trust and self-awareness.

This method provides foundational work that is necessary for building
healthy relationships upon. 

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