Goal Setting for Each Type

As with almost anything, when it comes to goal setting, each Ennagram type will have it's strengths and potential for downfall. 

Our type gives us the best in us and the worst in us at the same time and of course, a deeper understanding of our instincts is what helps us live with awareness so we can chose with grater intention and move into health. 

Let's jump right in.

Type 1:

Type 1's are natural goal setters and goal getters. They love having a clear and measurable plan for self-improvement. Remember, the core motivation for type 1's is to be good and do what is right. Type 1's may get lost searching for the "right" goals to have. Searching and agonizing as to where they should try to improve and what is the best way to go about doing it. A great way for 1's to pursue growth is to realize that there is no ONE set of PERFECT goals for each person. There is no master list of self-improvement for all humanity. What would be a great goal for one person, may not be the best goal for someone else. Go with your gut - remember, you are in the body triad and your gut is a valid center of intelligence. Trust it. 

Type 1's need to be careful they don't pace their goodness in their ability to achieve all their goals to perfection. This will make goal setting and goal achieving less of a beautiful journey and more of an anxious pursuit. Type 1's remember, you are good enough and worthy of love REGARDLESS of how well you achieve your goals. 

Type 1's can also pursue growth as they release rigidity and embrace flexibility - even in their relationships with others. Remember, what is the right goal for you to pursue may not be the goal someone you love should pursue. Be flexible. Let others grow and pursue their goals in their own way - each journey is unique and beautiful. 

(ps- if you want help with HOW to achieve your goals, meaning, you need some detailed and measurable tactics, you should ask your type 1 friends - they will help you so much!!)

Type 2:

Type 2's are hard workers. When they set a goal, they have the work ethic to back it up and make it happen. Their goals are often tied to what would be best for the greater good. Service oriented and community connected, their goals will almost always reflect this - which actually helps them follow through because they know it's not just a personal goal, but if they don't achieve it, others will be affected. 

Type 2's may, however, get sidetracked from following through on their goals by a phone call from a friend, or someone needing their help. Any type of interruption to their day can pull them off course from what they planned to do. To grow in health, a type 2 would do well to respond to requests for help with "I would be happy to help/chat/come by AFTER I finish up what I have planned today." and this will require strength and several affirmations that "My needs matter too."

One other consideration for Type 2's, it would be very healthy for you to have at least one goal that is just for you. Something that you want, something that makes you feel good and brings you joy and life. It will probably be that thing you want to do that you think is "selfish", but it's not. 

Type 3:

The core motivation for type 3's is to succeed and to achieve, obviously this helps the type 3 when setting and pursuing goals. Three's will set big, ambitious goals and pursue them with ferocity, moving against anything and anyone in their way. One word of caution however, type 3's can tend to choose goals that the culture or those around them see as "success" and fail to look inwardly at what THEY value. Adopting the success metric of those around them threes can loose touch with their own value system and once they get to the top of the ladder of success realize this doesn't feel like success to them because it's not in alignment with their value system. In order to pursue growth Three's should take some time alone, away from all the influencing voices, and try and connect with what THEY value so their goals are authentic to who they are. 

Three's have an incredible capacity for achievement and need to have defined goals and tactics on how to achieve them in order to feel alive, however, they must be careful not to place their WORTH in how well they achieve their goals. Three's should practice affirmations like "I am worthy, even if I don't accomplish all I have planned."

 Type 4:

Four's core motivation is to be seen and understood. The deep feelers of the Enneagram their goals are often very connected to who they are and the vision that they have for their life. Because fours have the capacity to dream big dreams, their goals are often ambitious and beautiful. 

Fours can struggle with daily implementation of the actions it takes to achieve their lofty goals. Big, beautiful results often take hard, boring work, day in- day out. To move into growth, fours should break their big goals into daily/weekly/monthly tactics and get some sort of accountability to make sure they press forward when they feel like it and when they don't. 

Type 5:

Five's core motivation is to be competent and have everything they need. Gatherers of resources and knowledge, Five's will make sure they have everything well planned and researched before moving into action. Fives are incredibly competent and capable of doing incredible things, but they must be careful to not stay in the planning stage SO long they never take action. To move into growth, fives should set deadlines for themselves, once this time comes, enough researching and planning, time to move. 

Five's are typically very ambitious and amazing leaders, they are clear minded about their goals and what it takes to achieve them. They can be trusted to follow through and to have a well-thought out plan. One last thing to consider for type 5's, the bigger the goal the more likely it is that you may need a team to achieve it - you can go fast alone, but if you want to go far, go together. 

Type 6:

The type 6's core motivation is to be secure and feel supported by their community. Sixes will not only set goals that are good for others but will rally others around them to help in the pursuit of the goals. This is an incredible asset sixes have in their pursuit of goals. 

Sixes should be aware of their tendency to set safe goals and avoid going all out for ambitious goals. We only uncover our potential by pushing the boundaries of what we think we can do. To pursue growth, it would be helpful for type 6's to practice the affirmation "I am safe and secure enough to chase after the goals that set my soul on fire."

Type 7:

The core motivation for type 7's is for options and to experience life to the full. When setting goals 7's go all out and have a variety of things they want to do and accomplish that revolves around living a life of adventure, excitement and fulfilling a grand purpose. Seven's have no problem envisioning what they want for their future. Where Seven's can find growth is in the patience it takes to take a goal from inception to fruition. 

If seven's can stick with a goal long enough, there is nothing they can't do. Seven's may need help breaking down big goals into smaller steps and bite-sized pieces. 

Type 8:

 The core motivation for Eight's is to maintain control of their own life, they are justice focused and may set goals that champion a cause. Their natural leadership skills and energy means they have vision, organization skills, and stamina to see it all through. 

One thing for Eight's to consider is their tendency to over-do things. To push themselves to extremes and neglect their own physical needs and limitations. A helpful growth activity for type 8's would be to prioritize self-care, especially to incorporate some sort of physical exercise. Remember, type 8's are in the body/gut triad, so to move their body is especially helpful as a stress release and as a way to bring energy & health into their bodies. 

Type 9:

The core motivation for type 9's is for peace and harmony both within and without. When it comes to setting goals 9's natural ability to fall into rhythms and the way they build up momentum over time are great strengths. They can latch on to something and make small progress over time and just keep trucking on. 

9's don't tend to have a very clear vision for their future or what they want. This keeps them from setting big, ambitious goals - but if the type 9 is ok with that, it's not a problem. However, if the type 9 is feeling frustrated with this they will need to pull away and be honest with themselves about what they REALLY want out of life, then build up the courage to believe that THEIR desires matter, and give themselves permission to take action on their behalf. 

Setting goals is not only something that as humans helps us feel productive and alive (even more so than the achievement of our goals, the pursuit is actually something our brain NEEDS to feel stimulated and excited about life) but it is oftentimes a necessary part of life to keep us moving. 

Whether you set goals on a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis, these considerations should help you understand how the core motivation of your type influences how you set and pursue goals. 

Cheers to a year of greater health and growth.



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