How Learning the Enneagram Transforms Us (it's not what you think)

Uncategorized May 06, 2020


"I know my number, but I want to go what is the best way to learn the Enneagram?"

I get this question ALL THE TIME, and I love it because it shows me that the person asking the question has the sense to see this "personality typing system" as something so much more. Of course here at The Enneagram Workshop, this is what we are all about. 

Before I get into all of the various ways to learn the Enneagram, can I put on my "teacher" hat and go back to an even earlier question: "Why should I learn the Enneagram in the first place?"

Well, I've been doing a lot of research on the brain lately (I'm definitely a nerd, bear with me) and it turns out as we grow up and make our way in the world, our brain establishes instincts and patterns of behavior. These patterns of behavior were created through a process that began with a stimuli, some sort of event that we needed to craft a response to, as we created our response, our brain would take note...did this response work? Did this response get me what I needed?

All of the "data" would come back and our brain would start to create pathways, automatic responses based on which actions helped us make our way through life most easily. 

This is what became our personality. By the time we reach adolescence and adulthood, researchers estimate that about 85% of our responses are habitual and pre-programed, meaning, they are an automatic response and not necessarily an intentional choice. Which is pretty cool! It's a way for our brain to shortcut the very energy-consuming activity of decision making. There's nothing necessarily wrong with this cognitive practice. 


Sometimes, our pre-programmed responses are based on falsehoods. They are built around a perspective that we had as a child, that SEEMED right to us and we accepted it as true, but in reality it's not. When our automatic responses are built around these falsehoods we find what I like to call "bad fruit" in our lives. 

You know, bad fruit, things like over eating, over drinking, explosive anger, crippling anxiety, co-dependency, depression, lack of productivity. This bad fruit can even show up when OUR way of viewing the world and showing up in the world is VERY different from the way that our friends, family and loved ones see the world and it creates lots of friction. 

What often happens when we feel this bad fruit, is we want to get rid of it - it's causing us pain. So we often seek out self-help books, coaches, teachers, or religion to help us pull off this bad fruit (and maybe staple on some good fruit). We get pulled in to all the alluring promises "Follow this diet plan, and lose 40lbs in three months" or "Have your most productive quarter ever, simply by following these five easy steps".

We get so focused on the FRUIT. Bad fruit is causing me pain --> must fix bad fruit. The problem with this approach is that, much like with a regular plant, pulling bad fruit off and stapling good fruit on is a very short term solution. We will end up year after year, frustrated that our efforts have to be repeated because every spring we keep seeing bad fruit budding on those branches. 

Enneagram work is so important because Enneagram work is ROOT WORK. It's getting to the source of what is producing the bad fruit in the first place. It's finding out what KIND OF PLANT we are in the first place. What does our "good fruit" even look like? (Remember, we are all different, and often times our frustration can come when we are trying to be a different plant than what we were created to be).

Enneagram work also allows us to identify what "diseased thinking" is lurking in our roots. What false ideas and childhood wounds (that we may not even recognize initially) is informing the 85%, automatic responses and patterns of behavior that rule our life. 

You see, if we can fix the root, the bad fruit will fall off effortlessly and we won't have to be working constantly at getting rid of behavior that keeps coming back. 

Often we are naturally led to this type of self-discovery (which is what Enneagram work begins as) because if we DON'T do this work, we will mostly likely continue to be stuck in our habitual behaviors and cognitive patterns, unable to break free from them, frustrated and stuck. 

We will also probably also remain frustrated with others who don't see the world the same way we do - remember the Enneagram shows us NINE distinct ways of seeing the world - when we learn it, we not only uncover our root motivations but our brains are able to make space for other motivations, other ways of being, other ways of experiencing the world. 

This allows for INCREDIBLE empathy and understanding for those that we may have been supremely frustrated with in the past. Do you see how powerful this can be?

This is why I've poured so much of my heart and effort into my Enneagram for Individuals course, to give you a working understanding of this ancient wisdom in an undiluted way with CLEAR and powerful application so that you can take what you are learning and instantly bring the concepts into your life to make it better and grow. 

This course also provides a place for asking questions, is done from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and I've priced it as affordably as possible. When I looked at comparable courses (this one has 20 video modules) I was shocked at the price, most of them over $500. The thing is, with information like this, the application that you can take into your life is SO BROAD and impactful, it makes sense to place such a high-value price tag on it. 

However, this is really my passion and life's work and because of that, I have gone against my financial advisors guidance and priced this course at just $49. 

This course is the best way to learn the Enneagram, it will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Enneagram, your type, how you can grow with the Enneagram, and what all the different terms like wings, stress, security, sub types and more, actually mean. 

The Enneagram is TOO POWERFUL a wisdom to not spend some time understanding it and understanding yourself. 

Join me TODAY on this amazing journey of the Enneagram. 


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