Rest and each Enneagram Type

I’m on vacation, and I’m SUPPOSED to not be working. But I can’t help thinking about REST. Why is it so hard for us to TRULY rest (not just numb and disengage…which is a side effect of NOT resting regularly and in a healthy way)?
Here are some thoughts around rest and each Enneagram type. 
I know for ME, when I am not prioritizing proper rest habits, I am in ego, I get close to burnout, I hold stress in my body and I am NOT my best, healthiest self. 
And…my compulsion to avoid rest stems DIRECTLY from the lie that MY type tricks me into believing is true. 
Oftentimes when we resist resting it’s a form of rejecting BOTH our divinity and humanity. Not standing in the DIGNITY and love that are ours by birthright, the divinity that our SPIRIT holds. 
Rejecting our humanity, not allowing ourselves to have flaws, weaknesses, live in mystery or any other number of things that make us HUMAN. 
As we look at REST, and what keeps us from approaching it in health and wholeness, I can’t help but think about how both NATURE (humanity) and SPIRIT (divinity) have no problems resting. 
It’s only when we reject both that we find it problematic. 
I invite you to wrestle with these thoughts and do some inner work.
The work always starts with self-exploration and questions and moves into courage and a deeper trust in our true identity (which always lies OUTSIDE of the confines of our type - you are ultimately NOT your type! You are so much more!!) 

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