Right Action: Knowing What to Do and Doing It

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2022

In the Enneagram we work with the law of three a lot. 

The law of three states that there are two "opposing" forces (aka: negative and positive) and a third reconciling force (proton, electron, neutron). When we allow for both opposing forces to be present, the neutralizing force almost naturally emerges. It is in the acceptance of the seemingly conflicting energies that we find true balance and deep alchemy. 

And so, the work is to not reject any force, but allow both to come in and find the intrinsic balance. When we do this, what emerges is "Right Action". 

Right Action is the ability to see what is before you, as objectively as possible, and know what is the right course of action to take in this moment, and have the resources and agency to do so. 

It is POWERFUL when someone wields Right Action. It creates a grounded, streamlined movement through life. The ability to see clearly, think strategically and act effortlessly with confidence and efficiency is what really sets incredible leaders apart. 

The question remains - how do we cultivate or increase our capacity for Right Action? The answer lies in the law of three. 

Most of us, according to our Enneagram type, are striving to feel a certain way or see our selves a certain way. When we are committed to this narrative, our brains, in order to confirm this to us, will distort our vision. We will only see the things that support who or what we want to be, the outcome we want to have, etc. Think of it as a powerful POSITIVE charge in the energetic field. 

And we often times try to suppress, run from or discount anything that would be in opposition to who we think we have to be. Think of that as the NEGATIVE charge. If the negative charge is not allowed in the field, because we think it will "ruin" things, we only have the overpowering POSITIVE charge and the distortions are great. This is not a conducive environment for Right Action. 

What if....there was enough courage to allow both the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE charges to be present, and as they are both present, the third neutralizing force emerges and allows for the objectivity and the balance of power and perspective to engage in Right Action? This is what we are doing when we engage in strategic Enneagram work for leadership and Right Action. 

We have to ask questions such as: What does my Enneagram type NEED to be? (for each type, it's different, it could be to be perfect, to be powerful, to be outstanding, to be peaceful, to be supported...) and how does the need distort the situation before me? 

Once we have our bearings on this, we begin to ask ourselves, what if I didn't NEED to be that? What if I could be powerful at times, and also need support because I can't do it all? What if I could be perfect in some instances, and also make mistakes because I'm human? What if I could be outstanding most of the time, and also I have days where I'm dragging and it's not always my best work?  What if I could be human? What if I was not the super hero I want (or feel like I NEED to be?) 

This is difficult to even imagine isn't it? It's like bringing that negative charge into the energetic field when all that was allowed to be there previously was positive. 

Why? Why would we even consider ourselves to be anything less than what our Enneagram type NEEDS us to be? Why would we bring this negative energy in? 

Well, because unless we can be with ourselves in FULLness, we will have distortion in how we view the world. We will have imbalance in the energy and we will be cut off from powerful parts of ourselves that hide in the "shadows".

You see, the best leaders are the ones courageous enough to be with the truth. The ones who can handle bad news. The ones who know they are not perfect. The ones who listen, the ones who are willing to grow, who are brave enough to bring in the all the energetic forces and trust that as they do - Right Action is their reward. 

Right Action takes intention, strategic inquiry and courage. The reward however, is more than worth it. The ability to SEE, KNOW and ACT from pure heart, truth and power is the law of three. 


The Enneagram Workshop specializes in working with leaders and leadership teams to guide the inner work necessary to bring up Right Action (among other things). Reach out to us today to explore coaching opportunities. 


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