The Enneagram and Spiritual Practices


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Don't hear what I'm not saying (one of my childhood friend's dad used to say this all the time).

I do not believe the Enneagram can only be useful to ONE religious perspective. I believe the Enneagram transcends religion and can be useful and pulled into all religions and spiritualities. 

However, it IS a tool for spiritual growth, so we are going to go there. 

In my 5 Day Enneagram Challenge I talk a lot about how the Enneagram is a MAP. It's a guide to show us where we begin our journey, where we want to end, how we move and how we might plot a way to get there. 

All Enneagram work should end in freedom - transforming BEYOND our personality and finding that this persona, this armor that we carry is restricting us, it's causing us pain and it's no longer necessary. We begin to take off the armor as we make our way through Enneagram work. 

Removing the armor requires a spiritual resting in divine security. It requires spiritual expansion, and therefore, the steps we take along the journey are spiritual practices. This is where the rubber meets the road. 

Spiritual practice #1 : Self-Observation (without judgement)

This has to be the first spiritual practice because until we SEE more clearly, we cannot do much work. So, non-judgmental self-observation is our first spiritual practice. And although it may not seem like much - it's a BIG step. It's being mindful enough to observe our patterns of behavior and then ON TOP OF THAT, releasing the judgements of ourselves we so quickly jump to. 

One of my favorite phrases to use when I am doing self-observation is: "That's interesting." 

This phrase allows me to release the judgement while still engaging in the observation process. Because if we can't find this balance, we will go to one of two extremes of Judgement -or- Sweeping under the rug and no longer noticing it because it feels uncomfortable. 

Allowing ourselves to sit in the discomfort of seeing ourselves for who we are, and not beating ourselves up about it, is HUGE. Engaging with Self-Compassion is PARAMOUNT to spiritual practice. 

Spiritual practice #2 : Get curious

Now that I have observed what is going on - and called it "interesting" rather than bad or good - it's time to get curious. 

Why am I experiencing this behavior? What is bothering me about this situation? Why do I feel this situation is not 'RIGHT'? Where did that belief come from? What am I believing about my identity? Where would my type internalize this in an unhealthy way? Is that what's happening right now?

This helps us see the deeper connections. This helps us notice patterns. The patterns might not be apparent on the surface, but once we get curious and get to the essence of the thing, we can see repeating messages and reactions. 

Spiritual practice #3 : Allow vs. Force growth

Now, as a type 3, this might be the HARDEST one for me!! I like MAKING things happen. I like seeing the problem and FIXING it. 

But, part of this spiritual work is to stop striving and start allowing. Learning to get out of the way. Trusting that if I can realign myself with divine source love it will do it's work without me needing to MAKE it happen. 

These are just a few of the spiritual practices that help us take the STEPS needed to allow for transformation. 

I have a workshop on Meditation and Centering Prayer taking place, you can CLICK HERE for tickets. I'd love to see you there as we keep diving deeper into how we can engage with Enneagram wisdom in such a way that we are left transformed. 



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