Emotional Intelligence is Vital

I work with large corporate clients and budding solopreneurs all the time. The question when in any business, no matter the size, is: "How do I maximize my resources?" 

How do I get the most bang for my buck? The most efficiency for my time? 

When facing a perceived "lack" in business, we have two options:

1) Find more
2) Get more out of what you already have

It may feel sexier to go with option one, but it is so much easier to at least give option two a try. 

What does this have to do with Emotional Intelligence? 

If we consider that humans are the most valuable resource we have in our business (and this includes solopreneurs - YOU are your most valuable asset) then it only makes sense to nurture humans, commit ourselves to their thriving, and give them to tools for self-care, interpersonal navigation and innovation. 


If the humans in our businesses are not engaging in self-care (I know it's a buzz word these days, stay with me)...

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