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Life is busy and fast.

Growth in your type requires mindfulness and intention.

See the problem?

How can we slow down enough to taking intentional pauses throughout the day, in ordeer to choose living out of intention rather than instinct? 

This is where Ennea-couragement comes in.

Ennea-couragement sends texts, straight to your phone, for the next 30 days, SPECIFIC to YOUR Enneagram type. Each text encourages you to live mindfully and practice the growth activities that will bring you into greater health. 

Best part? It's completely free!

It's like having an Enneagram bestie who texts to you every couple of days, reminding your to be your best self!


Forgiving yourself (and others) doesn't mean right isn't still right and wrong isn't still wrong...but the greatest of these is love. And humans are still humans, and it's all going to be ok.

-xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 1 - Ennea-couragement)

Remember, the only ones upset with you setting boundaries are those who benefit from you having none. 

-xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 2 - Ennea-couragement)

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Work-a-holic, Shmork-a-holic - you do you boo and don't let anyone make you feel back about the drive you have. Just leave your worth out of it. Your worth has nothing to do with how much you achieve. But you knew that right? 

-xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 3 - Ennea-couragement)

The past IS a beautiful memory. The future IS and exciting hope. But the PRESENT isn't so bad either. Take a breath, be right here, right now, in the messy middle. 

- xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 4 - Ennea-couragement)

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There are others around you who DESPERATELY want to support you - even if you don't "need it" ...let them. Receive the love behind it. 

-xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 5 - Ennea-couragement)

You are not helpless. You are not alone. Look within - see all that strength? Look around - see all that support? You got this boo

- xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 6 - Ennea-couragement)

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Allow yourself in this moment to sit still and to breathe. Trust that you will not break under the weight of heavy things.

-xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 7 - Ennea-couragement)

When you decide to no longer settle for the illusion of power, that's when you can become a true champion of truth and defender of the weak.

- xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 8 - Ennea-couragement)

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Listen, nobody is calling you lazy...but we also wouldn't be mad at a little more pep in your step. Slow and steady DOES win the race, sitting still trying to decide which is the best way to go - does NOT. 

-xoxo Enneagram Workshop

(Type 9 - Ennea-couragement)

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simply text your type to 
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