How Did we get our type in the first place?

(Is the Enneagram useful for more than just "feeling seen"?)


I know my type, now what?

The Enneagram wakes us up to our instinctual tendencies and habits. Once we are awake, what do we do with this new awareness?

The Enneagram Workshop's signature Enneagram  course is a great place to start.

Here at The Enneagram Workshop we are not about collecting vast amounts of Enneagram information only to let it collect dust and not transform our lives.

We are not about Enneagram information that is 2 inches deep and makes us laugh but has no lasting effect in our lives.

We are about FREEDOM here. The Enneagram gives us a map of where we ARE and how to get to freedom. In THIS course you will understand WHAT the Enneagram is, HOW to use it and connect to a community that will keep you accountable to take the action required for growth.


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