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What if the Enneagram was more than just a personality test? What if it was more than a way to be healthier? What if you were already whole? What if the work was not to become something different, but to remember who you already are?

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Learning the structure, the types and the motivations of each Enneagram type is step one. We can't change what we can't see. 


Engage with challenging questions and group coaching to help uncover your unconscious thoughts, feelings and actions. 


Allow yourself to rest more deeply in Divine Love so you can start to choose a healthier way.

Six Month Intensive Into Freedom


Over the course of the next six months we will explore six KEY lessons necessary to experiencing freedom. 

Module 1: The Cage
Module 2: The Awakening
Module 3: The Fear
Module 4: The Work
Module 5: The Integration
Module 6: The Freedom

Each month will include one 90 minute workshop, followed by journal prompts for further integration and finally a group coaching session.  

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Freedom Seekers Community Investment

$100.00 registration fee +
$59.00 per month

  • One hour 1:1 intake session to understand YOU and your needs and guide you on how to use this membership best.
  • Monthly Workshop, not available outside of the Community.
  • Monthly group coaching session LIVE with Vanessa, face to face (over Zoom).
  • Monthly journal prompts for continued integration.
  • Access to all past live class.
  • Access to all of the Enneagram Workshop's courses.
I'm Ready to Join

Denee K.

I have been a client of Vanessa's for a few months and absolutely love her depth of knowledge, her compassionate approach to personal growth and her ability to help me confront the road blocks I didn't even realize were there!

Whitney D. 

Vanessa is INCREDIBLE! I have been working with Vanessa for several months and have never made so much progress with a single coach! Not only is she incredibly knowledgable on the enneagram, each number, and the interplay between numbers, Vanessa is also gifted with being immensely intuitive and emotionally perceptive. She wraps all of this up with a no BS approach. Vanessa's ability to communicate and help you navigate through personal development, work/career, family, and all other relationships make her coaching invaluable!

Kristen H. 

Vanessa has a talent for coaching and connecting with her clients. She has an unparalleled knowledge of the Enneagram and how to utilize it effectively in relationships, communication, and awareness of self and others. She is curious, compassionate, and provides great insights which lead to moments of clarity for those she works with. I highly recommend her!