Typing Resource

If you have no CLUE what your Enneagram type is, head over to my typing resource. It's 15 minutes, 3 questions and will help you figure out where you land in the Enneagram of personality. 

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This training is BEST when done with our worksheets! Click here to download them and get the full experience of this training. 

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If we could make THIS much progress in under 15 minutes,
imagine the amazing freedom and insight we could achieve working together!?!?

Below you can find a few different ways to work with me.
If you prefer one to one coaching, I got you!
If you'd rather join a membership with workshops and group coaching, we can do that too!
And if you just want to join me for a workshop, you can find my schedule of LIVE workshops below.

Freedom Seekers Community

Are you curious to know what doing "Enneagram Work" looks like? Want to go deeper into the Enneagram and find life transformation, but aren't sure how? 

You NEED to learn more about my Freedom Seekers Community!!

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5 Day Enneagram Challenge

I don't know if I've ever gotten as much positive feedback on ANY training as I have on this 5 Day Challenge. 

Both newbie and expert alike will benefit from this 5 Day Challenge, exploring how the Enneagram is a MAP for transformation and how we can move from instinct into intention. 

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Coaching Programs

The best way to make significant progress is through a 1:1 coaching program. 

These programs are custom designed to fit each individual. To learn more, book a discovery call with Vanessa. 

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