Have you ever tried to change parts of yourself,
only to end up exhausted, not making much progress
and maybe even a little resentful about the process?

Most personal growth work is set up as a battle.
You vs. You.
The old you vs. the new you. 

The only problem is, this does not work.
We cannot battle with ourselves and win.
Even if we do manage to "change" some behaviors, the cost to do so is usually
high, exhausting and oftentimes the change is short lived. 

What if there was another way?
What if you could grow in such a way that worked WITH your personality structure rather than against it?
What if we could harness the parts of ourselves that are naturally strong
and use that strength and strategy to our advantage?

This is what we do at The Enneagram Workshop.

Our personal growth approach is a radical one that says:
It all belongs, as long as we are AWAKE, aware and intentional,
we don't have to go to war with ourselves to improve ourselves.

Our Three Step Personal Growth Approach

Understand your strategy

The first part of our approach is to understand why you do what you do. What informed this strategy? How does it work? Where is it showing up in your life? What impact is this having on your life?

Is it working?

The second step in the process is to get honest with ourselves. What is our strategy doing for us? What is it keeping us from? Once we are honest and compassionate toward the benefits and limitations of our type, we are ready for step 3. 

What action is most aligned?

The final step is my favorite, now that we know our strategies, and we see where they may not be serving us, we can begin to craft a plan that uses our natural approach to life and redirect some of the energy toward more supportive actions. 

Explore 1:1 coaching with Vanessa

The coach/client relationship is a sacred and special one. Impact and transformation are the highest priorities for Vanessa. Because of that, she requires a Discovery Call first, to explore if the relationship feels right, to understand what is needed for each person, and to craft a custom plan for each potential client. 

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Attend a Weekend Workshop

The Already Whole weekend workshop is an exploration of what it would be like to approach inner work and growth from the belief that we are already whole. This transformative workshop is offered three times a year. 

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Here's what some of my clients have experienced with me...


"Vanessa is a natural coach and teacher. She's not only knowledgeable, but she is able to tune into how to apply the enneagram to your life in practical, effective ways. Whether you're looking for personal growth, professional growth, healing, or all of the above, Vanessa will meet you there! I have loved working with her!"
- Denise Manandik

"Vanessa is well trained and well versed in the enneagram and she was able to use her knowledge and skills to help me recognize patterns in my life that I needed to break so I could be more successful at work and in my personal life."
- Rhesia Lewis

"Vanessa has a talent for coaching and connecting with her clients. She has an unparalleled knowledge of the Enneagram and how to utilize it effectively in relationships, communication, and awareness of self and others. She is curious, compassionate, and provides great insights which lead to moments of clarity for those she works with. I highly recommend her!"
- Kristin Hazzard

"My company Clear & Loud brought Vanessa in to speak to many of our coaching groups. Whatever the setting, she has an ability to put people at ease and share insights that make a profound impact. I highly recommend her as a consultant, speaker and coach." 
- Josh Harris

*Three step coaching approach informed by the Awareness to Action model. Copyright 2021 © Awareness to Action International. All rights Reserved.