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This mini course contains everything you need to get a solid foundation in Enneagram work. Everything from finding your type, understanding how to grow and resources for healing! Get your free access today!

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Already Whole: A Healing Journey Through the Enneagram

Join us as we take the next six months and journey through what it means to remember who we are and let go of the narrative that we need to become something more. 

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Coaching is not the same as teaching. Transformation is not the same as information. Coaching is where we transform. Coaching is where we can slow down, get clarity, integrate what we know and heal. The best way to explore if coaching is right for you is to book a discovery call with Vanessa.

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It is difficult for me to put into words what learning the Enneagram has meant for me. As someone who as spent her entire life seeking inner transformation I had been to COUNTLESS seminars and conferences. Read books, sat under teachers, gurus and spiritual directors...with very little to show for it. My life, my negative habits, my perspective had changed a little, but not much. 

I was frustrated that I had all this KNOWLEDGE but it wasn't translating to actual life transformation. 

And then, I learned the Enneagram. All it took was to go beneath the surface and show me what was BEHIND the actions I wanted so desperately to change for me to finally start making headway. 

The Enneagram has been and continues to be the key, the map, the guide that I needed, and it's more simple and kind and compassionate and understanding than I ever thought life transformation could be. 

I can not wait for you to join me on this journey. Life is too short to stay stuck...let's live in FREEDOM.