What you need to know if you want to use the Enneagram to help others

If you are anything like me, you have encountered the Enneagram and it has changed so much for you! You are starting to feel like you might want to use it to help others as well, and next thing you know, you are googling "Enneagram Certification Programs". 

Am I right? 

Here's what I have learned the hard way...there are a few more things to consider before jumping into a program. 

In this video I cover what questions you need to as yourself, what programs are out there and how The Enneagram Workshop's Apprenticeship Program might fit into your life. 


Our Apprenticeship Program Approach

Enneagram Certification is only ONE of the skills needed to take your desire to help others and turn it into a reality. The Enneagram Workshop Apprenticeship Program takes a three phase approach that prioritizes Inner Healing, Facilitating Healing in Others and Business Building. 

Inner Healing

How are you prioritizing your own healing journey? Have you experienced healing through the Enneagram? Who in your life is holding space for you to do this work? 

Facilitating Healing in Others

Do you have a deep understanding of the human soul? Are you skilled in listening, holding space and guiding others through their healing journey? 

Business Building

Do you have clarity around your message? Do you know who you want to help and what you want to help them with? Does created in a business plan, with pricing and packages feel comfortable to you?


* Please make sure you watch the info video at the top of this page BEFORE applying. The video details the program, covers pricing options AND guides you through a few questions necessary before deciding if this program is right for you.